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Brake Release Tool

To use the tool:

1) Install your cassette tool over the rod.

2) Thread the rod into the bottom of the post.

3) Rotate the thumb wheel to disengage the brake.  



Do NOT over tighten, finger tight only.  Once the rod stops backing off it is tight enough, tightening further does not disengage the brake more and will damage the post.

The Brake Release Tool tools fit all Fall Lines.

The Brake Release Tool is required to complete most maintenance tasks on your 9point8 Fall Line and Fall Line R seat posts.  

Note you will also need a standard cassette spline tool with a hole through the centre like a Park FR-5 or similar.  If you don't already own one they are available at your local bike store.
Install a lock on grip to the handle of the tool for additional comfort and style points.

Brake Release Tool

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