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Kit Contents:


Brake Release and Key Install Tools Included
10000-0531Main Air Seal (X-Ring)
10000-1051Nut O-Ring Seal
10000-0778Foam Lube Ring
10000-0523Spline Nut O-Ring Seal
10000-1043FLR Bottom-out Bumper
20000-0522Mast O-Ring Seal
10000-0225Top Telescopic Bushing
10000-1035Bottom Telescopic Bushing
0000-1052FLR Key Assembly
(Bullet Nose Key, Spring, Tail Key) 
10000-0672P10L Grease, 1/4oz Jar
10000-1034Seal Support Ring (SSR)
10000-1053Schrader Cap Retaining Ring
10000-0222Schrader Cap O-Ring Seal
10000-1045Air Cushion
10000-0526Retaining Ring
Brake Release Tool (optional)
10000-1054Key Install Tool (optional)


This product is also available at Amazon.com in USA. Available here With Tools or Without Tools

These kits include a new wipers, nut seal, key's, lower bumper, as well as upper and lower bushings. The kit also includes a small amount of Grease as required for the rebuild.  Use this kit if your post is getting worn, your wipers are torn/worn out, or if you have started to leak air from the main nut. 

See the  Specs tab for a list of the Kit Contents. 


In order to rebuild a Fall Line R seatpost with this Kit you will need a standard cassette spline tool like the Park FR-5 or similar (NOT INCLUDED):  


 The Cassette spline tool is NOT included.

 Our Key Install Tool and Brake Release Tool are now included in the rebuild kit.

Fall Line R Rebuild Kit

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