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Digit Shimano I-Spec AB Kit. (SKU 0000-0936)

10000-0941Digit I-Spec AB Base
10000-0945M4x8 Stainless Steel SHCS
10000-0842M4 Stainless Steel Washer
10000-0946M4x12 Stainless Steel SHCS
10000-0942Digit I-Spec A Post
10000-0943Digit I-Spec B Post
10000-0947M4x12 SSCR for I-Spec B

One (1) Digit Shimano I-Spec AB Kit (0000-0936)

Use this kit to adapt a Digit remote directly to a Shimano I-Spec A or B Brake.  Everything you need to adapt a Digit remote to either I-Spec A OR I-Spec B is included.

Digit Shimano I-Spec AB Kit

  • Product Code: 0000-0936
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