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Digit (SKU 0000-0835)
Weight 36.8g
Adjustments None
Mounting orientations Under bar, Left Hand Side

Digit Weight



Complete Digit assembly. (SKU 0000-0835)

Digit Thumb Lever
1Digit Thumb Lever Perch
10000-0840Digit Axle
10000-0849Cable Clamp Screw
1Digit Mounting Screw

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Dimensions in mm.

See the MatchMaker and I-Spec options for alternative brake-integrated fitment.

The 9point8™ Digit™ remote is the ultimate dedicated one-by remote for all cable-operated seatposts like the Fall Line.   It boasts the lightest touch, the best ergonomics, and the best cable route of any of our remotes.

Mount it on the Left Hand Side, under the bar, in seconds!


EASY TO INSTALL. VERY EASY. The 9point8 Digit can be installed without removing the grips, brakes, or shifter controls!  You will need a new cable when you install the Digit.  You can get one here, or from your local bike store.


SEALED BEARING PIVOT. The 9point8 Digit has a large 21mm sealed cartridge bearing pivot.


GRIPPY THUMB PAD. The 9point8 Digit has grip machined into the thumb pad.

SPARES. The Digit Axle is designed to fail in the event of a serious crash, protecting the other more valuable components. Replacement axles are inexpensive, and available from 9point8 here. Cable-Clamp Screws are also available from 9point8 here.


BRAKE MOUNTING.   The 9point8 Digit can be installed using Shimano I-Spec and SRAM MatchMaker mounts, available separately from 9point8 HERE.

Digit Remote 22mm Clamp (Complete)

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