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 Trigger (SKU 0000-0252))
Sides Left or right
Weight 31.5g
Adjustments Reach

0000-0252 trigger weight 400 400

Complete trigger assembly. (SKU 0000-0252)

10000-0254Trigger Hardware Set
10000-0249Cable Adjusting barrel and Jam Nut
10000-0233Bar Clamp Ring
10000-0234Bar Clamp Mount
10000-0235Trigger Perch

trigger manual 1000 1659







Our 9point8™ Trigger remote is unique in the maketplace.  Those who try it, love it!


The Trigger relies on your index finger for dexterous, quick, control of the seatpost.  It nests ergonomically into your cockpit, and can be installed on either the left or right side.


ERGO. CONFIDENCE.  The 9point8™ trigger allows you to use your index finger for controlling your seatpost, keeping your thumb where it belongs, hooked under the bar!


EASY TO INSTALL. VERY EASY. The 9point8™ trigger can be installed without removing the grips, brakes, or shifter controls!


FITMENT.   The 9point8™ trigger can be installed on either the left or right side, to suit your preference. See the Fitment Tab above.






Trigger Remote (Complete)

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