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Kit Contents:


Qty SKU Description
1 0000-0529 Main Wiper (9point8)
1 0000-0480 Wiper Spacer
1 0000-0531 Main Air Seal (X-Ring)
2 0000-0777 Nut O-Ring Seal (red)
1 0000-0778 Foam Lube Ring
1 0000-0523 Spline Nut O-Ring Seal
1 0000-0521 Bottom-out Bumper
2 0000-0522 Mast O-Ring Seal
1 0000-0225 Top Telescopic Bushing
1 0000-0206 Bottom Telescopic Bushing
0000-0223 Key Assembly
(Bullet Nose Key, Spring, Tail Key) 
1 0000-0672 P10L Grease, 1/4oz Jar
1 0000-1057 SSR



These kits include a new wipers, nut seal, key's, lower bumper, as well as upper and lower bushings. The kit also includes a small amount of Grease as required for the rebuild.  Use this kit if your post is getting worn, your wipers are torn/worn out, or if you have started to leak air from the main nut. 

This kit is ONLY for Fall Line seatposts with the v2 Collar Nut.  Use this kit only if you are re-using the v2 Collar Nut.  There are other kits available if your post has a v1 Collar Nut.

See the  Specs tab for a list of the Kit Contents. 


In order to rebuild a Fall Line seatpost with this Kit you will need a standard cassette spline tool like the Park FR-5 or similar, and one special tool:  Brake Release Tool 0000-0734  


 These two tools are also needed to rebuild a Fall Line seatpost.

 Our Key Install Tool is also recommended, but is not required.

Fall Line Rebuild Kit: Re-use v2 Nut

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