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Complete kit to make a Fall Line seatpost accept an Oval Rail saddle. (Oval Carbon Rails [CR] or any other Oval Rail too.)  Everything you need.

Qty SKU Description
2 0000-0845 Titanium Rail Clamp Screw
2 0000-0846 Titanium Spherical Washer
2 0000-0434 Titanium Seat Angle Adjust Screw
2 0000-0394 Titanium Threaded Cylinder
1 0000-0834 CR Offset Head
1 0000-0855 CR 8-9mm Rail Clamps (pair)
1 0000-0856 CR 9-10mm Rail Clamps (pair)
1 0000-0463 4mm Torque Key

Only order this kit if you already have a Fall Line seatpost and you want to convert it to accept oval rail saddles.  If you are buying a new seatpost, you can choose the CR Head for an additional $17USD.

This kit comes with a pair of Seat Rail Clamps for oval rails that measure 8-9mm in height, and a second pair of Seat Rail Clamps for oval rails that measure 9-10mm in height.  When installing the saddle, choose the pair that fit best.



This CR Head will accommodate the standard round rail Seat Rail Clamps (SKU 0000-0599) using the screws and washers that come with the CR Head.  (The standard Seat Rail Clamps must be purchased separately.)   When the CR Head is chosen with a seatpost, the standard round rail Seat Rail Clamps are included free of charge.

CR Offset Head Kit (Fall Line, OVAL Rails)

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