Bar Clamp Mount

One (1) Bar Clamp Mount..


Bar Clamp Ring

One (1) Bar Clamp Ring..


CR Head Hardware Set (Fall Line, OVAL Rails)

Complete set of fasteners for the  CR Head of the post. Only for use with the CR Head, with oval seat rails.QtySKUDescription20000-0845Titanium Rail Clamp Screw20000-0846Titanium Spherical Washer..


CR Head Kit (Fall Line, OVAL Rails)

Complete kit to make a Fall Line seatpost accept an Oval Rail saddle. Everything you need.QtySKUDescription20000-0845Titanium Rail Clamp Screw20000-0846Titanium Spherical Washer20000-0434Titanium Seat..


Digit Axle

One (1) Digit Axle (0000-0840)If you crash, you might need a new one of these.  It's designed to break to protect the more costly Digit components...


Digit Cable Clamp Screw

One (1) Digit Cable Clamp Screw (0000-0849)..


Digit Remote (Complete)

The Digit is only $18 USD when purchased with a seatpost!The 9point8™ Digit™ remote is the ultimate dedicated one-by remote for DropLoc seatposts like the Fall Line.   It boasts the lightest..


Fall Line Brake Mast Assembly Complete

This assembly completely replaces the DropLoc™ brake assembly, including the cushion.  Most users will never need to replace this, however, in the event of extreme wear or catastrophic brake fail..


Fall Line Brake Sub Assembly

Fall Line DropLoc™ Brake Sub Assembly.  Most users will never have to replace this part, but in cases of extreme wear or catastrophic failure it is user serviceable.  Note that this is the b..


Fall Line Cable Assembly

Complete replacement cable assembly including: Qty Description 1 1700mm of 1.1mm Shimano & SRAM Shift Cable 1 1600mm of 4mm Shift Housing ..


Fall Line Cable Attachement Sub Assembly

This kit comes with the Cable Attachment Point (0000-0534) as well as 2x M4 flat point screws.  This is NOT the full quick connect assembly. For the quick connect assembly see product 0000-0504.&..


Fall Line Quick Connect Fastener Kit

Available just in case you round the hex on your Fall Line Quick Connect.   Each kit contains two setscrews...


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