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Digit Remote (Complete)

The Digit is only $18 USD when purchased with a seatpost!The 9point8™ Digit™ remote is the ultimate dedicated one-by remote for DropLoc seatposts like the Fall Line.   It boasts the lightest..


ThumB 1X Adapter

This adapter attaches onto our ThumB actuator to position it under the bar.  The position is where a shifter would be, so this only works for those that are running a 1X configuration. Mater..


ThumB Remote (Complete)

The 9point8™ ThumB™ remote is the most compatible, ergonomic, and configurable thumb lever in the marketplace.   Mount it on either the left or right side, over the bar, or under the bar! &..


Trigger Remote (Complete)

Our 9point8™ Trigger remote is unique in the maketplace.  Those who try it, love it!   The Trigger relies on your index finger for dexterous, quick, control of the seatpost.  It n..


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