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Stout Stem

The 9point8™ Stout™ Stem is strong, light, and uses 7075 aluminum and innovative weight-saving designs.7075 ALUMINUM. Higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to commonly used 6061 Aluminum.DESIGNED F..


Stout Top Cap With Screw and Star-Nut

No Stem is complete without the Stout™ Top Cap. With a built in 5mm spacer to increase steer tube clamping performance.  15.6g QTY SKU Descripti..


Stout Stem Spacer Kit (20, 10, 5, 2. 5mm)

The light weight 9point8™ Stout™ Stem Spacer Kit comes with the perfect combination of spacers to get your Stout Stem exactly where you want it! The Stout Stem Spacer Kit is compatible with other s..


Stout Stem Titanium Fastener Kit

Replace the steel hardware on the Stout™ Stem with the Titanium Fastener Kit to save 14 grams!  Our Ti fasteners have a black PVD coating to eliminate galling - no anti-seize required. Qty..


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