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all parts required to maintain your pulse

Pulse 2014 Head Hardware Set

Complete set of fasteners for the head of the post. Compatible with both Inline and Offset configurations. Qty SKU Description 2 0000-0331 Titanium Rail Clamp Scr..


Pulse Cable Assembly

Complete replacement cable assembly - 1400mm (55") including: Qty SKU Description 1 0000-0276 Cable housing 2 0000-0262 Ferrules 1 ..


Seat Rail Clamps (7mm Round Rails)

A set of two (2) Seat Rail Clamps (SKU 0000-0433)Compatible with 7mm round seat-Rail saddles only.  (Not compatible with oval-rail saddles)Compatible with the Inline Head (SKU 0000-0459)&nbs..


P10L Grease 118ml (4oz)

118 mL (4 oz) of our special smooth-acting P10L all-weather grease.  Compatible with both the Pulse and Fall Line.  This is specially formulated to stick where it needs to while providing a ..


ThumB Remote (Complete)

The 9point8™ ThumB™ remote is the most compatible, ergonomic, and configurable thumb lever in the marketplace.   Mount it on either the left or right side, over the bar, or under the bar! ..


Trigger Remote (Complete)

Our 9point8™ Trigger remote is unique in the maketplace.  Those who try it, love it!   The Trigger relies on your index finger for dexterous, quick, control of the seatpost.  It n..


Valve Cap

One (1) Valve Cap..


Remote Barrel & Jam Nut

Cable adjusting parts, including:   Qty SKU Description 1 0000-0216 O-Ring 1 0000-0238 Barrel 1 0000-0426 Nut ..


ThumB Lever

One (1) ThumB Lever..


ThumB Sub-Assembly

Buy this to convert a Trigger to a ThumB.   THIS IS NOT THE FULL THUMB ASSEMBLY. ..


ThumB Hardware Set

Complete set of fasteners for the ThumB assembly.  Qty SKU Description 1 0000-0332 Threaded Cylinder 1 0000-0347 Bar Clamp Screw ..


ThumB Perch

One (1) ThumB Perch..


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