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PRESS RELEASE: 9point8™ Digit2.0™ 

August 19, 2020, Ancaster Canada

Now introducing the new and improved 9point8 Digit 2.0™ Lever! Everything you loved about the 9point8 Digit but better! We kept the same lever pull ratio to give you the low remote action force but re-designed the bar clamp to increase the range of the lever position on your handlebar. We have also provided a CNC machined pocket on the bearing hub to tuck away the cable end to give your handlebar setup a sleeker look. Also gone is the plastic axle which has been replaced with a stronger aluminum one-piece axle. We maintained the signature grippy thumb pad and sealed ball bearing pivot. The Digit2.0 is available with integrated mounts of Shimano IS-B, Shimano IS-II, Shimano IS-EV and Sram Matchmaker. 42g with the 22mm bar clamp. Digit2.0 is designed and manufactured by 9point8.

Adjustment Range; Digit2.0

Cable End Position: Digit Free Cable End

Cable End Position: Digit2.0 Hidden Cable End (In-Process)

Cable End Position: Digit2.0 Hidden Cable End

Shimano I-Spec II

Shimano I-Spec EV

Shimano I-Spec B

Sram Matchmaker

Digit 2.0 Brake Adapter Mounts

The Digit 2.0 is available now at 9point8.ca or through your local bike shop. MSRP $65USD

Works with any cable operated dropper post

For more information, contact [email protected]

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