Shipping Information



- Shipping charges are shown on the receipt, and paid by the customer during check-out.

- Shipping charges vary by customer deliver-to address.

- Shipping is by 9point8 best carrier, taking advantage of our special rates.

- 9point8 has taken steps to avoid import duties, brokerage fees, etc. North American customers should not be charged any additional fees. (Contact 9point8 Customer Service if the carrier levies any additional fees.)

- A tracking number is normally, but not always, available. It is provided at the end of the shipping-day to the email address provided by the customer.

- 9point8 cannot take responsibility for carrier delays

- 9point8 takes responsibility for the package until in the customers hands. If lost by the carrier, it is covered by 9point8

- Returned items, for any reason, must be pre-approved and coordinated with Customer Service.  A valid RA number, provided by Customer Service, is required.  See Warranty and Returns.  This step is mandatory to avoid substantial fees.

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