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About 9point8™ 
How we came to be
Nine Point Eight Inc. was established by a small group of mountain bike enthusiasts, who all just happened to be top design engineers. The first years were focused on product development, prototyping, and testing. Dedicated to excellence in design, and abhorrent of compromise, this group set-about designing, engineering, prototyping, and testing (lots and lots of testing) superior bicycle components. Nine Point Eight Inc. is located in Ancaster, near the beautiful Niagara escarpment. The design office and factory is conveniently close to excellent riding on the escarpment and surrounding areas.Every product is thoroughly engineered and optimized. Then carefully manufactured, and tested. Only when it meets our unbelievably high standards, is it released to market. Nine Point Eight products are designed, tested and assembled in Canada to the highest standards of quality.
9point8 Manufacturing
Nine point Eight Inc. manufactures many of the components in our own factory. We use CNC machining and various proprietary manufacturing techniques and specialized equipment to manufacture high quality, high strength, light weight components.All products are assembled and tested in our own factory, to assure quality.

9point8 is a proud supporter and member of IMBA

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