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2016 9point8™ Kelso Challenge Segment
How do you compare?


Full-series registrants are automatically entered. For a chance to win a 9point8 Prize, you need to trace all of the segments in Strava over the season.

Full-series registrants can compete for the fastest time to win swag!

Anyone can post a time on Strava for the segment to challenge themselves or to compete.

Improve your time time and your leader board ranking at anytime. Not just during the race!

Contest Requirements:

1. Must be registered for the Full Kelso Mountain Bike Race Series

2. Must have a Strava Account and have uploaded your ride

Segments are closed when Kelso Courses are changed. At this time you can no longer record times for the closed segment.

Don’t see your name? Are you a Full Series Racer and you have uploaded your ride to Strava?Contact 9point8 Customer Service.

See the results below.  Riders highlighted in black are 9point8 Staffers, green are Kelso Staffers.  Pdf results downloads available.

2016 9point8 Kelso Strava Challenge RESULTS to June 3


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