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We offer the following strokes as standards: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm

Absolutely!  Any post can have the stroke reduced by addition of our spacers (available on our parts page in a range of lengths) .  These spacers can be installed by the factory or can be purchased separately and installed by the user (brake release tool required).  

Note: spacers reduce the overall length of the post and stroke by the same amount.

Our post is amoung the lightest in the market when compared against similar stroke posts.  In fact, our 125mm stroke post weighs nearly the same as one of our competitor's 75mm stroke carbon fibre offerings!  

Our remote actuator and cable assembly is mid-pack weight wise. It is the lightest  assembly on the market that allows flexible installation positions (both standard and 1X).

Yes! We now offer oval rail CR heads, available with new posts or as aftermarket kits under "Parts and Tools" --> "Heads and Head Parts" 

Our head allows independent adjustment between fore-after seat movement and seat angle.  Our head also allows easy access to the air valve in a light weight and compact package!  The secret to it's success is using a forged 7000 series alloy for maximum fatigue strength and custom PVD coated Titanium fasteners and hardware to minimise weight while eliminating galling.  As a bonus you can also convert between an inline and offset (set-back) head in less than 5 minutes, with the purchase of a new head, at any time!

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