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The Pulse™ 400x100mm Seatpost USD $449.00

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The 400x100mm Pulse
Stepping. Better.


STEPPING IS BETTER.  IT JUST IS.  The Pulse™ stepping seatpost allows you to precisely adjust the height of the post in repeatable increments to suit the terrain or desired ergo position, or drop it fully down out of the way when needed; all by convenient handlebar control while you ride.

NO GUESSWORK. MORE CONFIDENCE. The Pulse™ stepping mechanism elimimates guesswork to find ideal saddle height. The result is intuitive confidence; focus on the trail.

ENGINEERED TO BE BETTER. SO IT IS.  The Pulse™ seatpost is the brainchild of a design team that abhors compromises and always wants it all. The fundamental design of the Pulse™ post is better than the competitors, and it has a host of important features that they lack.

REVOLUTIONARY. CONTROL.  The Pulse™ stepper seatpost will change the way you ride, by making the saddle height a precisely controllable characteristic of your bike. You can step through the increments, or you can move freely with infinite adjustment like any ordinary dropper post. It's not just 'up' or 'down'. It's everything in between, repeatably, confidently, easily.


100mm of stroke with steps in 5mm increments, or full-drop any time (Patent Pending)
Compact dual-function remote (trigger or thumb lever) allows intuitive selection of infinite-adjust mode or stepping mode
Convertible between inline and offset configurations (with purchase of conversion kit)
Install / remove the trigger without removing grips or controls
State-of-the-art rotational anti-backlash design (Patent Pending)
State-of-the-art vertical, fore-aft, left-right anti-backlash design
Independent adjustment of the seat angle and seat fore/aft position
Micro-adjustable seat angle
Telescopic lock in push and pull (go ahead,  pick up your bike by the saddle!)
Advanced sealing technologies to keep the fluids in, and the elements out
Excellent design, durability, and warranty
All-hydraulic internals for smooth action, reliable operation



400x100mm Offset Version

Sizes 30.9mm 31.6mm
Stroke 100mm
Increment 5mm
Seatrail Diameter 7mm
Weight (Post only, fluid installed) 586g 608g
Weight Installed (1400mm cable, trigger, fluid) 680g 702g
Length 400mm
Remote Cable Length 1400mm
Seat rail clamp offset 25mm


400x100mm Inline Version

Sizes 30.9mm 31.6mm
Stroke 100mm
Increment 5mm
Seatrail Diameter 7mm
Weight (Post only) 572g 594g
Weight Installed (cables, remote, fluid) 666g 688g
Length 400mm
Remote Cable Length 1400mm
Seat rail clamp offset 0mm



NOTE: Control using the ThumB remote lever uses the same concept shown above


9point8 pulse dimensions

Want to convert your Pulse from one head to the other?  Simply purchase the appropriate conversion kit here.


FRAME GEOMETRY. The Pulse seatpost works well with most mountain bike geometries. Some frames with extreme seat tube angles and rearward saddle position may pose problems. Some frames with curved or interrupted seat tubes may experience post depth insertion issues. Please check the drawing to ensure that it will work with your cockpit.

SEAT TUBE DIAMETER. The Pulse seatpost works well on any mountain bike that uses a seatpost that is either 30.9mm diameter or 31.6mm diameter.  

SADDLE INTERFACE. The Pulse seatpost works with standard 7mm rail saddles.

HANDLE BAR REMOTE. The Pulse seatpost trigger and ThumB lever works with most brake and shifter configurations. Please see our Remote Options and Compatibility page for more information.



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